Monday, July 14, 2014

My daughter's review of Theology of the Body, Extended

I'm back from the Theology of the Body Congress, and I had a great time.  It was a moving event and I really encourage people to go and check it out--I heard talk that this could become an annual event.  In any case, I also was really affirmed by people who had read the book and loved it (hey, their words, not mine) and people who were very interested in reading it.  Janet Smith even gave it a kind plug in her keynote!  But the best review came from my daughter at home, who spontaneously wrote this review while I was gone. She recently turned nine.

(Click to enlarge)

How awsome mom's book is. Moms book is the book you want. I thing [think] everyone shoud have one. If you read one setenc of it you will not stop reading it. Mom's book is like having your favorit treat. Mom's book will help you learn about Jesus and the trinidy. Plus it is inthooseastic [enthusiastic]. Why do you think it got published? because it's the best book ever! Plus Dad hase published a lot of books too. I think everyone should have his books too! All of my family's books are cool and awesome!

Well, my week is made!  Plus I laughed for hours.

If you want to buy it, check out the "buy the book" tab on top of this blog.

If you want to review it, Amazon, Goodreads, and IBooks are open 24 hours and accept reader reviews anytime.

Peace and all good, everyone.

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